Ohio Polygraph & Associates Hamilton, OH Services


Ohio Polygraph & Associates offers a wide range of polygraph examinations. We will create an examination to fit your needs. The following is a sample lists of the types of polygraph examinations that we handle:


THEFT - We can uncover the truth in a theft case. If believe a member of your household is not telling you the truth, we can help. Or maybe a co-worker, we can help. A polygraph can also clear you of accusations of theft.


DRUG and/or ALCOHOL ABUSE - If you have a loved one, or close friend, who you believe has a substance abuse problem and is hiding it, let us help you help them. A polygraph may help them realized that they do have a problem, and need to get help.


DOMESTIC INFIDELITY - Is your love one being faithful? We can help you find the truth. We test for marriage infidelity, cheating loved ones, to include extra marital affairs, and internet cheating. Maybe your being accused of cheating and you want to prove them wrong. We are able to put their minds at ease.


ATTORNEY REQUESTED EXAMINATIONS - We will polygraph your client, to let you know if they are telling you the truth. We also perform Court Stipulated Polygraph Examinations.


PRE-EMPLOYMENT EXAMINATIONS - We will polygraph your applicants both pre-offer and post-offer exams which ever you choose. You will then be given a final report about statements made by the applicant and the results of the examination.


WRONGFULLY ACCUSED OF A CRIME OR LIES - To many times a good persons name is run through the mud by false accusations. We are able to help you get that good name back prove your accusers wrong.


INSURANCE TESTING - If your a company and you feel like you are being lied to about a claim, let us help you determine the truth behind it.


COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENT TESTING - Are you unsure if your winner cheated to win? Consider a polygraph to keep the competition honest.

Law Enforcement agencies, we can handle all of your pre-employment and criminal polygraph examination needs. You will receive your reports back quickly, so you can complete your hiring process rapidly.